CCF has been investigating the law and best practice with regard to photography at sports grounds.

Currently the CCF Code of Conduct states – ‘’Photography at CCF events requires club permission.’’

Having said this, upon investigation into the law around photography, there is no law preventing a person filming or taking pictures in a public place.

i.e.-sports grounds.

The Australian Sports Commission has issued information and a general guide with regard to images of children (see attached)…  An exert of this document is below and provides further clarity…

In Australia, generally speaking, there is no law restricting photography of people (including children) in public spaces as long as the images are not:

  • · Indecent (such as ‘up skirt’ or ‘downblouse’ photographs taken covertly in change rooms or toilets)
  • · Being used for voyeurism or made for the purpose of observing and visually recording a person’s genital or anal region
  • · Protected by a court order (eg. child custody or witness protection)
  • · Defamatory
  • · Being for commercial purposes (person’s likeness is used to endorse or entice people to buy a product).

 Photos of a child (including your own child) also contravene Criminal Codes and censorship laws if the child is photographed in a provocative or sexual manner.


To this end, CCF has amended the Code of Conduct and removed the reference to photography.

We have been advised by Football NSW that the onus is on the parent/guardian to inform the club if the child is protected by a court order and provide that documentation. If this is provided, the teams are to be informed that the match is not to be photographed.

The other area where a match may be affected is if the club is informed the child is a ‘’Ward of the State’’ and thus is unable to be photographed. The above procedure would then also need to be followed.

Most importantly, if you suspect someone at your venue is taking photos for the wrong reasons, please treat the matter seriously and if required call the police.


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