Code of Conduct Reminder



Ladies and Gents,

As a result of issues arising over the last few rounds involving team officials and referees (both official and club cadets) it is time for a friendly reminder in relation to appropriate behaviour and club expectations.

There has been a rise in the number of incidents across the coast where referees are suffering abuse from the sidelines. This MUST stop.

These people are giving their time to officiate your match. The more they are targeted, the less inclined they are to make themselves available. This will result in matches having no officials and the job falling on a parent or spectator.

If you have an issue, by all means address it, but do it correctly and via the correct means. If you have any issue approach the official table at the respective venues and discuss them calmly and politely with the duty official.

If after doing this you are still dissatisfied with the response then you should contact your respective age manager and raise the issue with them.

KDSC has a very strict policy in respect to coach, manager and spectator behaviour which clearly outlines both accepted and unacceptable behaviours. The club expects that each and every person representing it complies with that code. Whilst coaching/managing you have responsibilities to ensure that our parents conduct themselves appropriately as well. If you identify a parent who is not conducting themselves appropriately then you have an obligation to address that issue, either by yourself, at the official table or if need be via the football managers.

In relation to cadet referees please remember they are juniors themselves and are learning just as the players are learning, it is totally unacceptable for an adult to approach a cadet and argue with them, to the point where that child ends up in tears. It will not be tolerated by the club and may even constitute a breach of both CCF & FFA child protection policies. Please be mindful that when you are coaching/managing, you are a representative of this club and all that it stands for, ultimately it is about kids playing sport and enjoying themselves not merely about winning and losing.

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